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I witnessed and helped out a bit after a one on one car accident occured in front of me Monday.  One car was a total wreck; the driver cut and bloody; and distraught.  I reassurred that her that it would be ok as we attended to the cut on her head.  I felt better when the fire, paramedics, and police arrived on the scene.  The other driver was ok but feeling terrible that they had been part of the accident.

Auto insurance will sort out the auto repairs and medical cost due to the accident.  I wondered if either party had legal insurance; that is a lawyer on call to help them walk through the events that are sure to follow.  There are so many lawsuits that are filed in America every hour that everyone needs to have an idea of what they would do if the need for legal representation came up.  The odds are that it will.

www.PrepaidLegal.com/info/GreggGreer is one place to start if you are wondering what you would do.