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Meet Gregg Greer,

Owner and President of Bluegrass Business Growth, LLC

Thanks again for stopping by. If you are a business owner who wants to grow your business or if you have been struggling to get your business or personal life out of a rut, then you will find many things throughout this site that will encourage you in your quest to improve profitability, increase sales, operate more efficiently, and free up your time to spend on the things that are really important to you.

Gregg Greer, Owner and President of Bluegrass Business Growth, LLC

My Early Years

I told you that I was born in Ohio. My first marketing attempt was when I was about three. I sold my twin sisters for 25 cents each and threw in the diaper bag for another 50 cents. I was disappointed when the buyer let me keep the dollar but did not take the girls. It all turned out for the best though. I had two brothers after that and I could not give them away! (I learned early on that product does matter.)

My high school days were filled with activity and accomplishment, but my dad told me that I needed to go to college because I was not going to have a lot of success as a construction worker. Dad was a construction foreman for a large construction company and I worked weekends and several summers as an apprentice carpenter and laborer.

My College Days

I graduated from Wittenberg University. My dual majors in business management and sociology helped me to understand that most business is based on relationships. My business emphasis was in marketing and I enjoyed my role as an officer in the marketing club along with the other leadership roles I assumed in student government, honor societies, and other campus organizations. I always wanted to make things better. The University honored me with the John F Mitchell award, which recognized the person who had served the University with distinction during their four years as a student. I also took a semester away to study the Appalachian region at Union College. What a great decision that was! I met my future wife, Judy, there.

Why I Am In The Bluegrass

After being recruited by Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati, I asked to delay my career start with them to spend some time doing social work in Kentucky. Really I wanted to see what God was telling me about this girl I had met some 10 months earlier on the Appalachian Semester. She was going to work in Berea and I figured I could “court her” from Lexington. It took me all of four months to ask for her hand in marriage. We developed friendships in Lexington, were added to the church here, and have not left the region.

I worked in direct sales for several years before beginning a career in newspaper sales and management. I worked for the Lexington Herald-Leader for almost twenty years; the last ten on the executive committee and as circulation director and Vice President of Circulation. I was responsible for direct sales, management, marketing, strategic planning, customer service, budgeting, contractor management, etc I decided to leave the paper toward the end of 2003 and go into business for myself.

Bluegrass Business Growth

I started this company with the purpose of helping owners of businesses in the Bluegrass succeed at achieving their goals of having a successful business. A business that they can be proud of. A business that fulfills all of their purposes for being in business – serving others, providing for their family, meeting needs of customers, employees, and others in need. A business that leaves a legacy. A business that they can run, rather than have the business run them. A business that is a vibrant, growing, successful model for other businesses.

I help business owners by providing low cost or no cost marketing solutions that help them get the maximum marketing leverage out of every dollar spent. Unlike most business consultants who want to get paid whether they produce any results for you or not, I am so confident in my ability and skill that I base the lion’s share of my income on the profits I generate for you.

I am affiliated with TopLine Business Solutions. The CEO of TopLine, Martin Howey, has over 39 years of consulting experience. Our network of consultants throughout the world have experience in many fields, ranging from small to large sized companies.

I am also an independent associate with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. and Subsidiaries. One of the best products I have ever offered is the Legal Plan for the Self Employed and the Small Business Owner’s Legal Plan..

Why I Am Committed To The Bluegrass

Lexington has been my home for almost 40 years and my wife Judy and I are committed to this area. I planned to live here for a year and court my wife to be. It has been a long year. My four kids and grandkids have been born and raised here and they also love this community.

I have been active in my church and have served on a number of boards in the community. I have learned that business principles are constant.

Serving customers, employees, and everyone you come into contact with is not only a successful way to live, but it is the only way to live.

Can I Help Your Business?

If I can help you with your business, I will. I have a passion for making things better. Give me call or e-mail me and let’s see if it makes sense for us to work together on your business.

The real question is what do you want your business to do? Most people want to grow their bottom line profits while growing their business and maintaining a great level of customer service. Most owners would like to spend more time with their family, friends, and perhaps by themselves being creative and fulfilling their calling in life.

I specialize in helping businesses like yours achieve an increase in bottom line profits, grow their amount of business, provide excellent customer service that keeps customers coming back, and find the owners the time to achieve their dreams.

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